The European
Survey 2022

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The L.E.K. 2022 European Building Contractor Survey takes the temperature of the building and construction sector in the UK and across Europe, looking at how contractors and tradespeople are sourcing the tools, products and materials they need.

About our survey

  • 1,025tradespeople
    Comprised of building & construction contractors
  • 18-65+age groups
    Contractors questioned across a wide age range
  • 4countries
    Participants were in the UK, France, Spain & Germany
  • 100mturnover
    Companies with turnover of up to €100m or £100m

Expert opinions

Tom Diplock

Tom Diplock, Partner & Co-Head of L.E.K. European B&C Practice

It’s a mistake to think that sustainability is all about loading in costs – for savvy businesses this is a great opportunity to create commercial value.

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Frédéric Dessertine

Frédéric Dessertine, L.E.K. Partner

The climate crisis is an important issue for every one of us, and for businesses in the building and construction sector there is a unique opportunity to engage with the sustainability agenda, start making a difference, and win commercial advantage too.

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Maxime Julian

Maxime Julian, L.E.K. Partner

Responsible for 40% of final energy use globally, the construction sector has a central role to play in the development of ambitious sustainable targets.

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Read Maxime’s latest Executive Insights: Meeting Consumer Demand for Greater Sustainability.

Rebecca Scottorn

Rebecca Scottorn, L.E.K. Partner

This is no longer a nice-to-have – investors, regulators, customers are all demanding sustainability and increasingly businesses need to be sustainable to win a seat at the table.

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Benjamin Tuchman

Benjamin Tuchman, L.E.K. Principal

There’s no hiding from sustainability - If you fail to engage, you’ll get left behind.

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Understanding Attitudes Towards Sustainability

Understanding Attitudes Towards Sustainability

Tom Diplock - Partner, Rebecca Scottorn - Partner, Frederic Dessertine - Partner, and Benjamin Tuchman - Principal

Jan 24 2023, 4:00pm GMT

Join a panel of L.E.K. Consulting experts for an in-depth look at our recent survey of the attitudes to sustainability across the European building and construction sector.

What will you learn:

  • How attitudes to sustainability are changing across the sector
  • Who are the stakeholders driving change
  • Attitudes to paying a ‘sustainability premium’
Understanding Attitudes Towards Sustainability

Sustainability in Action

Maxime Julian - Partner and Benjamin Tuchman - Principal

Mar 15 2023, 2:00pm GMT

Our expert team of L.E.K. consultants are your guides for an in-depth analysis of emerging sustainability best practice in the building and construction sector and live examples of ESG in action.

What will you learn:

  • How sustainability is being brought to life across the B&C value chain
  • What are companies doing to make a practical difference
  • The new trends shaping the future of the sector

Related Insights from L.E.K. Partners

Rightsizing Building & Construction

By Maxime Julian, L.E.K. Partner

As inflationary pressures hit the Building & Construction sector with rapidly rising costs, a lack of skilled workers is adding more pressure by driving up wage bills. Remaining competitive and meeting sustainability targets demands fresh thinking and a clear strategy.

Building Long-term Commercial Sustainability

By Rebecca Scottorn, L.E.K. Partner

Progress in decarbonisation, sustainability and ESG issues has been substantial, but inflation, geopolitical events, and cost-of-living and energy crises run the risk of delaying momentum. What next for sustainability in the year ahead?

European Contractor Survey Infographics

Building contractors click with digital channels

Contractors and tradespeople continue their move online in their search for information, advice, and smart purchasing options.

Contractors look to build a sustainable future

With environmental sustainability now a top three priority for most companies, contractors are driving sustainable change across the building & construction sector.

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