Survey 2022

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The L.E.K. Consumer Sustainability Survey analyses consumer attitudes in the UK, US and Australia, looking to understand consumers' opinions and purchasing behaviours in relation to sustainability. The poll, commissioned by L.E.K. Consulting, surveyed over 2,700 consumers aged 18 to 60+ across Consumer Products, Retail, Leisure, Energy and Transport in these countries and found that consumers are giving sustainability the green light, which is reshaping the brand landscape.

L.E.K.'s proprietary segmentation identified four distinct consumer archetypes: Advocates, Learners, Talkers and Stragglers. Notably, the Advocates and Learners, which represent those investing in living and spending more sustainably, represent over half of all consumers.

  • Advocates
  • Learners
  • Talkers
  • Stragglers

Hear it from our Leaders

Mark Boyd-Boland

Mark Boyd-Boland, Partner of L.E.K. Consulting

We were minded to conduct bespoke proprietary research to gain a critical understanding of what sustainability means to consumers in some of our core markets. Particularly, the journey consumers have been on and how sustainability is influencing their decision-making across a broad range of consumer activity.

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Lauren DeVestern

Lauren DeVestern, Managing Director and Partner of L.E.K. Consulting

Our survey flags up many compelling facts - among them the reality that well over half of the consumers we polled are already actively choosing sustainable brands. Now is definitely the right time for businesses to engage with sustainable consumers.

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The sustainability age gap is shrinking, importance increasing

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Consumers will switch for sustainability, and pay more for it

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Sustainability to continue to impact work and leisure travel

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