The Big Digital

Building better digital capabilities in your organisation

The big question many leaders are facing today has an inherently digital answer. But in a world where every organisation has its own unique reality, knowing the right question to ask and identifying the answer that fits your business are essential first steps.

L.E.K.’s The Big Digital Question lifts the lid on the recurring themes in our work, and examines some of the ways we are helping clients put digital at the heart of their commercial strategy. From choosing the right digital transformation strategy, to overcoming blockages, managing uncertainty, and responding to new technologies – our insights are here to help deliver the digital transformation you need. Inspired by conversations with over 50 digital leaders across industries and sectors – this series examines the perennial digital questions as well as focussing on some particularly hot topics of the moment.

About our interviews

50 Interviews

Conversations with digital leaders

5 Sectors

Consumer, financial services, industrials, transport and technology

4 Role Types

C-suite, Digital leaders, Private Equity, Marketing

7 Themes

From unblocking digital innovation to avoiding transformation pitfalls

L.E.K. Digital Insights

Digital Strategy
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How do I unblock digital innovation in my business?

Digital innovation promises much but is easily blocked by challenges in accessing the right insight in order to decide on the way forward. Understanding the levers that enable successful digital innovation is a vital first step to achieving the value it can deliver.

Digital Ways of Working
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How do I avoid common pitfalls in my digital transformation?

The technology tools used are often a small component of digital transformation. Getting the best from your people and processes through achieving the right focus, alignment, structure and visibility is essential to navigating your transformation successfully.

Digital Transformation
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Why is my digital transformation not delivering the expected benefits?

A yawning gap between business expectations and the reality of how to effectively deliver digital transformation prevents essential change. Identifying and correctly fitting your approach to your business is critical to achieving the desired benefits.

Digital Disruption
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When should I use disruptive innovation?

Business-as-usual priorities often prevent core business units from realising the potential of digital initiatives. Disruptive innovation provides the capability to transform organisations in a way that the core organisation can be unable to.

AI Strategy
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What are common views of businesses on the use of generative AI?

Considerable variation in how businesses are approaching the use of generative artificial intelligence (GenAI) has been observed. Understanding how similar businesses are treating this new technology can help us all reflect on our current priorities and strategy.

Digital Strategy
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How are leaders approaching the management of heightened business uncertainty?

An increasing number of unknowns have recently had significant impact on how leaders balance the planning of future digital and change initiatives with dealing with what’s necessary in the short term. Pushing organisational planning to deliver on short-term needs whilst enabling delivery of long-term value is key to managing this uncertainty.

Customer Experience
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Why are businesses worried about the ‘cookie apocalypse’?

Businesses have come to rely on cookies for the customer insights needed to shape truly individualised online experiences. But shifting regulation and consumer behaviours present both challenges and opportunities for those ready to review their approach and invest in new strategies.

Rob Wild

New digital technologies are disrupting across the consumer landscape creating tangible uncertainty around digital transformation decision making.

Dominc Miles, L.E.K. Partner and Global Co-Head of L.E.K.’s Consumer Sector

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Rob Wild

Digital touches virtually every part of the business life-cycle and has grown to be an essential component in any successful corporate strategy. Our experience on the digital front-line has helped us answer some of the toughest questions organisations face today. Whatever your challenge, our expert team is ready to help you achieve lasting success in the digital-first economy.

Rob Wild, L.E.K. Digital Director, Europe

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The Big Digital Question Report

Access the report, which combines our seven Executive Insights, to discover some of the ways we are helping clients put digital at the heart of their commercial strategy.

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