L.E.K. Look Forward

It’s all about the road ahead, not the rear–view mirror

From sustainability as a business strategy, to automation, digital transformation, and the energy revolution – we asked some of our partners to tell us about the issues they believe will really matter in 2022 and beyond. Click on a video to hear about their focus, or get in touch to tell us what matters to you.

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Advanced therapies, bioprocessing and AI in Life Sciences

Anne Dhulesia – Partner, Life Sciences

Anne Dhulesia picks her two key themes for life sciences in 2022. Tune in to hear how advanced therapies will deliver ever more complex molecules to patients. And how artificial intelligence will continue to realise its potential across the sector.

2022 will be a growth year for the Industrials Sector

Jeremy Wheatland – Partner, Industrials

Jeremy Wheatland looks ahead at the forecast for the industrial sector. From the businesses that fared well during the pandemic, and others just turning the corner to recovery, to those at the heart of today’s energy transition – he sees opportunities amongst the challenges of 2022. Digital transformation. Automation. Sustainability. Tune it to hear about the factors that will make all the difference.

The hunt for profitable growth in a hardening market

Justin Balcombe – Partner and Co-Head, Insurance

The hunt for profitable growth in a hardening market for insurance businesses looks set to continue in 2022. Justin Balcombe looks ahead at the challenges insurers need to overcome to survive and thrive as they see old sources of revenue fall away and climate change continue to impact their businesses. More start-ups, more innovation, more digital, and more investment opportunities all feature in the year ahead.

Building & Construction, recovery, digital adoption and sustainability

Tom Diplock – Partner, Industrials

As the building and construction experiences continued recovery and demand, Tom Diplock looks ahead to a patchy 2022 but a year with much promise. With sustainability moving to centre stage and the pressure on to create cities and infrastructure to suit the post-pandemic world, discover the key trends that will continue to shape this important sector.

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Three trends that are driving growth in the consumer health sector

Adrienne Rivlin – Partner, Healthcare

Adrienne Rivlin unpacks the three trends driving the consumer health sector. Watch her to learn how self-care is containing costs and increasing capacity, vitamin supplements and digital therapeutics are helping to improve mental wellbeing and convenience culture is radically altering the way we access and interact with healthcare

More optimistic, but we're not out of the woods yet

Karin Von Kienlin – Partner, Industrials

What does the year ahead hold for industrial businesses? We asked Karin von Kienlin to tell us why, despite short-term challenges, she is cautiously optimistic for 2022. Looking beyond the surprisingly stable economy of 2021, she sees good opportunities for businesses with the right strategy in place.

2021 has been eventful and the year ahead is quite a complicated picture

Dominic Miles – Partner, Consumer

Following 2021’s surprisingly positive recovery, Dominic Miles sees the potential for a year of growth for the consumer sector. The spectre of Covid still looms large in a complex year ahead, but long-term consumer trends including the step-change to e-commerce, an increasing focus on the home, and the rise of sustainability, all have powerful roles to play.