Healthcare Business International 2022

As leading strategy consultants in Healthcare, we are delighted to partner with Healthcare Business International 2022 (HBI 2022).

Held in London's QEII Centre, June 20-22, our Healthcare Practice Partners will be running and moderating key sessions on fertility, ophthalmology, digital healthcare, elderly care, and workforce. On Wednesday 22, L.E.K. will also host a breakfast seminar: ‘The Emergence of Affordable Private Care: What’s Next?’.

We look forward to seeing you there!

Hear from the L.E.K. Healthcare Team at HBI

Tobias Koesters

Tobias Koesters

Tuesday 21 June, 11.30am, Ophthalmology

Ophthalmology continues to be a big area of investor interest with considerable scope for consolidation. How are businesses increasing their value in the drive for profit growth?

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Eilert Hinrichs

Eilert Hinrichs

Tuesday 21 June, 2.20pm, Elderly Care

Growth projections have always been difficult in the elderly care sector – and now even challenged as a result of Covid-19. What are the opportunities and challenges as we look ahead to the next 3 years?

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Klaus Boehncke

Klaus Boehncke

Tuesday 21 June, 3.30pm, How to do Digital Health – Interactive Workshop

Apps, telehealth and remote diagnostic tools can save money, provide better outcomes and extend lifetime value. This workshop helps leaders review their digital roadmap and prioritisation of digital investments.

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Guillaume Duparc

Guillaume Duparc

Tuesday 21 June, 3.30pm, Addressing the Health Workforce Crisis

Workforce and capacity constraints are the biggest barrier to growth for health care. So what can operators do differently to increase capacity and throughput? Listen to three case studies to inspire new ideas and thinking as you tackle this critical challenge.

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Katya Zubareva

Katya Zubareva

Tuesday 21 June, 6.00pm, Fertility

The fertility sector continues on a steady trajectory of growth across Europe, with growing demand and disposable income. This session will explore different scenarios for growth and we’ll hear from investors and operators about what they’re most excited about.

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Klaus Boehncke

Klaus Boehncke

Wednesday 22 June, 4.00pm, The Truth about AI

Has AI delivered for healthcare – yet? In this session we’ll explore what we know about AI today and how we can best shape our thinking about AI as a tool in the transformation toolkit.

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Katya Zubareva Jacqueline Thompson

Breakfast Seminar

The Emergence of Affordable Private Care: What’s Next?

22 June 2022, 7:45am - 8:45am (BST)

Increasingly, in a variety of countries and healthcare markets, patients are either having to, or choosing to, pay out-of-pocket for their healthcare treatments. Well-scoped out-of-pocket propositions are emerging, but what does good really look like for affordable care, and how can service providers adapt and benefit?

Join Katya Zubareva and Jacqueline Thompson, Partners in L.E.K. Consulting's European Healthcare Practice, and industry colleagues, to discuss the future for 'out-of-pocket' care, pricing and provision. We will be sharing our insights on emerging trends, what providers are doing and what factors are at play, to better understand who the real winners will be.

We hope that you can join us for what is sure to be a lively and informative discussion – with complimentary breakfast!

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